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Copyright 2016  Just Get It Write             A subsidiary of Praiselinks, LLC.

Professional Writing, Editing & Publishing Services

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Web and Blog Content

Everybody has something to say.  Not everybody has the time, desire, or confidence to write it down. Take heart!  We are here to help.  Just Get It Write can assist you with content for everything from social media and blogs to ad copy, landing pages and whole web site content.  


Here's a basic break down of our fees:


Landing Pages - $300/Flat rate. These are not your "Home" page.  Landing pages are direct, succinct and distilled calls to action, designed to move site visitors to consumers or purchasers of your product(s).   Typically they range between 250-500 info-action oriented words.  



SEO Blog posts/articles - $100-$150 Blog posts (or SEO articles) are used to convert visitors to sales. These posts average between 400-600 words and are a great platform that if used correctly, will draw visitors to your site.  You just have to post engaging, relevant content.


Burst blog posts -  $50- $100  Shorter than article length/SEO blog posts  "burst posts" tend to average less than 400 words and include relevant tags & categorization, social bookmarking and other extras), which saves them time and costs them more money.  


"In-depth" articles - $350 and up, depending on research needed. Like standard Blog posts, "in-depth" articles are designed to drive passions in order to drive sales. Also known as "link bait", these posts are usually lengthier (about 1000+ words), more persuasive, and meant to provoke viral status.  In other words, these posts are so chock full of useful information and visuals that people feel compelled to share them.  As such, you must be very intentional, precise and purposeful with your content for it to be successful.