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Professional Writing, Editing & Publishing Services

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M-F 10 AM-6 PM EST


     (352) 577-2493

Editing & Proofing

Our services are priced on a combination of per-word cost and requested document turnaround time. Typically, a one-page paper is about 250–300 words, while a multipage research or term paper can be as many as 200 pages or 60, 000 words.

The average novel has between 80,000 and 120,000 words.  Page length for novels can vary greatly depending on the width of the margin, font size, and the spaces between lines.


Word count is the more accurate way to price these services for all types of writing or documents.  We have three editing options:



*Request a quote for Basic, In-Depth, or Publishing Prep Edits for works over 75000 words.


Editing begins with a deposit of 50% of editing service fee; a schedule of edit revisions and payments is included in a written agreement for services.


Final edit released with final payment.


Get a Quote




$$0.025 Per Word

Basic Grammar Check

$$0.035 Per Word

Grammar and Word Flow Check.

$Includes font and book layout assistance,

plus IN-DEPTH editing for print or electronic formats.

(Does not apply to Academic Editing or Proofing)


$150.00 minimum


$250.00 minimum

Flat Rate Pricing *


$500 up to 20k words

$1000 20k-50k words

$1500 50k-75k words